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Enrollment of foreign students

English speaking educational programs

Please pay your attention to the fact that for studying in our University even on English speaking Master program you need to speak Ukrainian or Russian language at least on a minimum level, we do not demand a certificate or a high level of knowledge, but we will conduct an interview to understand that student speaks and understands Ukrainian or Russian on the minimum level. 

If you want to apply for the academic year 2021/2022 the reception of applications and documents starts in July and the deadline date for applications and documents  - the beginning of September. 

Please pay your kind attention to the fact that for your application and invitation letter you should send the copy of your passport and of the diploma and it's supplements (transcripts) with the translation into Ukrainian. These documents are also needed to pass the procedure of nostrification (recognition of educational documents).  Please take into consideration that this procedure takes time (approximately 3 months). So  I strongly recommend you to connect the Information and image centre of Ukraine (http://apostille.in.ua/en/) and page of Recognition of Foreign Documents (http://www.nostrification.net.ua/en/) and find out all the necessary information about the nostrification procedure.

This is a State Service. They provide the possibility of sending documents by e-mail or by mail, but please contact them for all further details. In the end if everything is OK and your documents are recognized, this organization will deliver you the Certificate of Recognition of your educational documents in Ukraine which is also needed for your enrollement to our University. 

Please pay your kind attention to the fact that you should get the official invitation letter from our University to enter Ukraine (visa type D) and to be enrolled. For this you should send me by email the copy of your passport and of the Bachelor's diploma and it's supplements (transcripts) both with stamps of ministry of education of your country and ministry of foreign affairs and with the translation into Ukrainian. 

The Admissions Commettee will make the preliminary decision and then we can start preparing this letter. To commence studying next year you should provide your documents (the application form, your diploma and it's supplement (transcripts) (+it's copies) with notarized translation, your passport (+it's copy) with it's notarized translationthe Certificate of Recognition from Information and image centre of Ukraine (this document you can provide being in Ukraine, but for your application you should provide at least the certificate from this organization that you provided them your documents for recognition) medical certificate, copy of your health care insurance and 12 photos size 35x45 mm made on matte paper.

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