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On May 12, 2023, the results of the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the specialty 071 "Accounting and Taxation" in the academic year 2022-2023 were summed up at the National University "Chernihiv Polytechnic".

The competition was held by reviewing and publishing a rating list of scientific competition works (without holding a final conference).

A total of 80 research papers (90 authors) were submitted to the competition.

Based on the results of the review of scientific competition papers, the Sectoral Competition Commission awarded a diploma of the III degree to Vladyslav NOVIKOV, a 1st year master's student of the educational program "Accounting and Taxation in International Business".

We sincerely congratulate Vladyslav and his supervisor, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Accounting and Taxation Department Halyna Umantsiv, on this victory and wish them creative inspiration in their future scientific activities!

On May 19, 2023, the Accounting and Taxation Department of SUTE held the annual student scientific conference "Transformation of Accounting and Taxation in the Context of Socio-Economic Challenges" online.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the state and development of accounting and taxation in Ukraine in wartime and the specifics of reporting during this period.

Opening remarks at the conference were made by: Nataliia Prytulska, First Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work of SUTE, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor; Tetiana Kaneva, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Doctor of Economics, Professor; Olena Fomina, Head of the Accounting and Taxation Department, Doctor of Economics, Professor; and stakeholder Victoria Volotovska, Business Relationship Development Manager of ACCA Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States, an experienced project manager and public management organization.

The main directions of the conference:

Section 1 "International and national practice of accounting improvement".

Section 2 "Accounting and taxation of entities activities".

Section 3 "Corporate social responsibility and non-financial reporting".

Section 4 "Accounting policy of the enterprise: industry specifics".

Almost 30 students from different faculties (FFA, FTM, FITL and FEMP) and students of the college of the SSU "KCTE of SUTE " spoke at the conference.

The following students won based on the results of their research papers:

Section 1: 1st place - Vladislav Novikov, FFA, 1-1m group, and Olena Gnasko, FFA, 1-2m group; 2nd place - Angelina Savchuk, FITL, 3- 3 group; 3rd place - Anna Soroka, BO-31 (SSU "KCTE of SUTE");

Section 2: 1st place - Daria Dundar, FFA, 4-7 group; 2nd place - Polina Skrypnyk, FITL, 3-1group; 3rd place - Anastasiia Cherevan, FFA, 3- 2 group, and Oleksandra Zakrevska, FFA, 4-6 group.

Section 3: 1st place - Maria Pogorela, FEMP, 3-10 group; 2nd place - Yevhen Zakharchuk, FFA, 1-2m group; 3rd place - Yulia Kyryk, FFA, 4-7 group, and Anastasia Belyaeva, FTM, 2-14 group.

Section 4: 1st place - Victoria Babina, FFA, 4-6 group; 2nd place - Valeria Fomenko, FFA, 4-6 group; 3rd place - Tetiana Bondar FFA, 4-6 group, and Yana Sinyuk, FFA, 3-1 group.

We congratulate the participants of the conference and sincerely wish them further scientific success!

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