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The chair was created on April 17, 2018, in accordance with the order dated April 13, 2018, No. 1266

The Department of Public Administration is appointed by the graduate department responsible for preparing applicants for higher education in specialty 0413 "Management and Administration", educational programs "Municipal Management" and "Public Administration".

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The Educational Program "Public Administration"

The educational program "Public Administration" was developed taking into account the provisions of the national legal documents, the latest trends and promising areas of development of world and Ukrainian society, prepares the management elite according to European standards on the principles of "Good Governance" - good "appropriate" governance.

The program is aimed at training specialists in the field of public administration in fostering the implementation of state and regional strategies for socio-economic development; plans of action for increasing the competitiveness of Ukraine's economy on the world market, improvement of socio-economic indicators of the country's development; defines the basic principles and recommendations for the educational process, the main goal and the strategy of providing higher education in accordance with the many years of traditions of the SUTE, the policy of training specialists in the Faculty of Economics, Management and Psychology, based on the principles of forming the national consciousness, patriotic and fully-fledged personality.

Bachelor's Program

Master's Program

Main disciplines: "Agricultural Policy", "Administrative Services", "Analytics in Public Administration", "Public Service", "State Regulation of the Economy", "Economy of Ukraine", "Electronic Governance", "Public Finance", "Public Administration", "City Management", "Public Procurement Management", "Rural Development Management"

Main disciplines: "Analysis of Public Policy", "Environmental Policy", "Economic Policy", "Public Personnel Policy", "Information Policy", "Methodology and Organization of Research", "Local Initiatives", "National Security", "Public Communications", "Regional Policy", "Strategic Planning", "Public Administration Strategy", "Management of Government Projects and Programs", "Digital Economy of Ukraine"

The key areas of future activities are:

  • strategic management of the national economy;
  • public sector management;
  • development of plans and forecasts for the development of the national economy;
  • expert evaluation of political and legal documents and programs;
  • examination, monitoring, evaluation of the expected results and consequences of the implementation of the policy of state, regional and local authorities;
  • anti-crisis management at macro and micro levels;
  • provision of administrative services;
  • monitoring and evaluation of state policy;
  • legislative activity;
  • information and analytical activities;
  • organizational and managerial activities;
  • research and teaching activities.

The choice of the program "Public Administration" opens up opportunities for you to realize your potential and work in public authorities and local self-government bodies (managers of central government and their deputies, senior civil servants of local authorities; legislators); at enterprises, organizations and institutions (heads of public companies and their deputies, specialists in the field of project and program management, managers in the consulting, insurance and social spheres).

The Educational Program "Municipal Management"

The goal of the educational program "Municipal Management" is to prepare specialists for a qualitatively new type of management, focused on managed development, advanced management approaches and technologies, socially determined results and a partnership style of relations between local authorities, businesses, and the community.

The opportunities for employment (positions):

  • senior staff of local state authorities;
  • managers (administrators) of enterprises, institutions, organizations and their divisions;
  • managers (administrators) for administrative work; issues of regional development; logistics; personnel service; public relations;
  • leading specialist in state structures;
  • specialist in strategic planning;
  • analyst of strategic projects and programs;
  • specialist in public procurement;
  • consultant, advisor in local self-government bodies.

The employers - partners of the educational program, participants in shaping the content of training and practical training: Ministry of Community and Territorial Development of Ukraine, Association of Cities of Ukraine, Pechersky District in Kyiv City State Administration, Desnyansky District in Kyiv City State Administration, NGO "Territorial Initiatives".

The main educational disciplines (subjects) of the educational program: "Information Technologies in Professional Activity", "State Statistics", "Economy of Ukraine", "Municipal Law", "Municipal Management", "Smart Analytics", "City Management", "Municipal Finance", "Rural Development Management", "Municipal Marketing", training course "Project Management in the Public Sphere", "Foreign Language for Professional Direction" and others.

Competitive advantages:

- constant updating (modernization) of the content of education;

- internship in local self-government bodies;

- innovative, practically oriented teaching methods;

- participation in the educational process of leading practitioners;

- state-of-the-art educational and material base of the European level (specialized laboratories, computer classes, SMART library, numerous co-working spaces);

- mastering information technologies in professional activities;

- the possibility of receiving parallel education abroad;

- in-depth study of foreign languages;

- rich sports, social and cultural life.

E-mail address: pua@knute.edu.ua

There are postgraduate and doctoral studies at the department, the scientific student groups are working constantly.

The teaching process is provided by 9 teachers, including: 1 professor, 7 associate professors and 1 senior lecturer. 100% of the teaching staff of the department have scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of sciences.

The training of applicants for higher education degree PhD is carried out
Specialty 0413 "Management and administration"

The draft of educational and scientific program 0413 "Management and Administration"

The suggestions and comments please send to e-mail: n.l.novikova@knute.edu.ua

Additional information on the organization of the educational process according to the educational and scientific program

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