Faculty of Economics, Management and Psychology
Faculty of Economics, Management and Psychology
Faculty of Economics, Management and Psychology

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of Economics, Management and Psychology

Faculty o fEconomics, Management and Psyсhology


Oleksandr Miniailo, Candidate of Sciences (Economics), ass. Professor

The Faculty trains highly qualified specialists with innovative knowledge in the fields of Economics, Management, PublicAdministration, Psychology, on the financial and commodity markets, who will be able to successfully run organizations of various business profiles under dynamic conditions of the economic space.


 Year of Foundation: 1966

 Scientific and pedagogical staff: 97% of lecturers with Doctoral and Candidate degrees.

 Number of Students: 2500.


– Department of Public Management and Administration;

 – Department of Economic Theory and Competition Policy;

 – Department of Economics and Business Finance;

 – Department of Management;

– Department of Psychology.



 Public Management and Administration (B, M)


 Business Economics (B);

 Industrial Markets Economics (B);

 Corporate Finance (B);

 Business Economics and Safety (M);

 Financial Management (M, Engl);


 Business Management (B, M);

 HR Management (B, M)

 Trade Management (B, M, Engl)

 Economic Competition Management(B, M)

 Financial Management (M);

 Psychology (B, M)

 The graduates can work as directors and senior specialists of state bodies, enterprises and institutions of various business profiles; project and programs managers; consulting, insurance and social manager; state procurement manager; economist; economic consultant; economic analyst; planning, economic and finance department head;  strategic planning expert; financier; investment analyst; finance controller; credit expert; business development manager; financial safety and state fiscal policy manager; manager; finance manager; HR director; HR manager; wholesale/retail trade manager; marketing manager; administration manager; practical psychologist; psychologist-psychometrician in education, health care and social sector; general psychology and applied psychological disciplines lecturer.

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 Faculty successfully cooperates with Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine, The Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE), Union of Small, Medium and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine, specialized committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, The Ukrainian Association of Organizational and Work Psychologists (UAOWP), H.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of The National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (NAES of Ukraine), The Ministry o fEconomic Development and Trade of Ukraine, The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, The State Inspection of Ukraine for Consumer Rights Protection, Public company “Univermag “Dytiachii Svit”, Fozzy Group, METRO Cash & Carry and other powerful trade networks and centers of socio-psychological work.

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