Department of Foreign Philology and Translation
Department of Foreign Philology and Translation
Department of Foreign Philology and Translation

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of Foreign Philology and Translation

The teaching staff consists of 31 people:

1 – Doctor of Sciences;

1 – Professor;

10 – Candidates of Sciences;

12 – Associate Professors

13 – Senior Lecturers;

5 - Lecturers

Bachelor Degree Programme


Translation/ Interpretation (English)

The teaching staff of the Department is dedicated to offering students the opportunity to develop proficiency in foreign languages as well as the Ukrainian language. Special attention is paid to English as the international language. Students can improve their English and prepare for IELTS test, participate in scientific research, literary and translation contests. All students have a chance to master business terminology and professional language of their major.

Key Directions of Scientific Research:

1) Comparative Study of the English and Ukrainian Languages;

2) Methodologies of Foreign Language Teaching;

3) Innovative Approaches to Learning a Foreign Language;

4) Old Ukrainian Literature and History of Rhetoric;

5) Investigation of Future Professionals Motivation and Ways of Improving It;

6) Problems of Fictional Literature Analysis and Interpretation, Medieval Studies;

7) Development of Academic Mobility of Students in Ukraine. 

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