Faculty of Trade and Marketing
Faculty of Trade and Marketing
Faculty of Trade and Marketing


The list of specialities and specializations

of Trade and Marketing

    “commodity research and trade entrepreneurship” is a leading specialty under the direction of “Trade”. Mastering speciality “commodity research and commercial activity” provides deep knowledge of consumer properties of the goods, the ability to develop a strategy for the formation and control of optimum assortment and quality of goods, model the market situation, taking into account the competitiveness of products, qualified to carry out certification of products and quality of expertise, to participate in the design of new goods, have the necessary knowledge in the field of quality management, marketing, management, commercial activity. 

    the Specialization of the “commodity Management systems and merchandising” is aimed at promoting the knowledge of merchandising, examination, quality control of goods and merchandise management systems, marketing, merchandising regarding the identification, formation and meet the needs of consumers. A specialist in the management of trade systems and merchandising is a specialist for product promotion in retail trade, the main task of which is to support the positive image of the company and which is able to generate a range of goods for the needs of users with use of organizational-technical and various promotional products. 

    the Specialization of the “commodity research and commercial logistics” provides knowledge not only about the product, but also provides deep modern approaches to promote it at the market and effective solution of logistics tasks in the framework of the enterprises, firms and other structures. Specialist in commodity research and commercial logistics is able to optimally to form and effectively manage the end-to-end commodity-information and financial flows areas of procurement, production and sales of goods. 
    the Considerable attention is given to the formation of a future specialist skills in logistics, production, procurement, inventory, distribution, transportation, storage of goods. 

    the Specialization of the “commodity research and organization of foreign trade” provides mastering by the students of knowledge of commodity raw materials, materials, means of production and other facilities’objects of export, issues of foreign trade activities, first of all, international trade law, organization of foreign trade and international transportation, customs regulation, Cohn’vagaries of international markets, international statistics, etc. 

“commodity research and examination in customs Affairs” 
    Mastering this speciality provides knowledge on commodity raw materials, materials, means of production and other facilities’objects of export, identification, certification and examination of export and import of products, as well as the knowledge to improve customs control and clearance of goods and use of funds the customs tariff and позатарифного regulate the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine. 

“expert Examination of goods and services,” 
    Mastering this speciality provides profound knowledge of the expert examination of goods and provision of services, with the definition of falsification of goods, inspection of activities of enterprises and organizations on the protection of the rights of consumers, the ability to realize the state policy and the policies of the international консюмерського movement for the protection of the rights of consumers.

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