Faculty of Trade and Marketing
Faculty of Trade and Marketing
Faculty of Trade and Marketing


The list of specialities and specializations

of Trade and Marketing

035 "Philology"

Specialization "Germanic languages and literatures (including translation), the first - English" (bachelor's degree)

  • free and correct communication in foreign languages, observing all phonetic, grammatical, lexical and syntactic norms, in different situations of professional communication;
  • implementation of the process of written and oral communication in various sectors of economy, science and culture;
  • making decisions on the application of the theory and practice of foreign languages in the field of socio-economic relations in a market economy.

Specialization "specialization "Applied linguistics (linguistics, English)" (master's degree)"

  • fluency in state and foreign (English) languages for the implementation of written and oral communication;
  • implementation of linguistic, literary and special philological analysis of texts of different styles and genres;
  • application of modern methods and technologies, in particular information, for the effective implementation of professional activities in the field of applied linguistics and teaching foreign languages.

Specialization "Applied linguistics (political linguistics, English)" (master's degree)

  • linguistic analysis and expert evaluation of political texts, implementation of political consulting;
  • building international, transnational communications to solve national and international problems;
  • management of communication flows within political, social, social and intercultural processes.

061 "Journalism"

Specialization "Advertising and public relations" (bachelor's degree)

Specialization "Advertising" (master's degree)

  • monitoring of the advertising and PR environment of the enterprise;
  • application of innovative advertising and PR-technologies;
  • development of advertising programs for the promotion of trademarks and the formation of a positive image of enterprises;
  • development of advertising layouts for various means of communication.

073 "Management"

Specialization "Pharmaceutical Management" (bachelor's degree)

  • development of a strategy for the development of the pharmaceutical business;
  • management of pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chains, optimization of their commercial and production activities;
  • selection of pricing and assortment policy of enterprises for medicines, improvement of the system of their purchase and sale.

075 "Marketing"

Specialization "Marketing" (bachelor's degree)

Specialization "Marketing Management" (master's degree)

  • monitoring of the marketing environment of the enterprise;
  • formation of commodity, price, sales and communication policy of the enterprise on the basis of marketing;
  • development of marketing strategies of the enterprise and application of innovative marketing technologies.

Specialization of "Trade Marketing" (master's degree)

  • development of marketing activities to stimulate the product-conductive network;
  • branding to increase brand loyalty and raise brand awareness;
  • development of a trade marketing strategy, formation, distribution and control of the use of the trade marketing budget.

Specialization "Digital Marketing" (Master's degree)

  • creation of design, media and contextual development of digital products of the enterprise;
  • the use of SMM marketing to promote goods and services in social networks and messengers;
  • development of SEO and SEM search marking strategies on the Internet.

Specialization of "Brand Management" (master's degree). For the first time in Ukraine!!!

  • formation and development of the company's brand;
  • achieving and maintaining brand loyalty from consumers;
  • development of brand strategies of the enterprise and introduction of innovative branding technologies.

Specialization "Advertising Business" (bachelor's and master's degree)

  • monitoring of the marketing environment of the advertising business;
  • development of a program of marketing activities of the advertising business;
  • application of innovative technologies of advertising services.

076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activities"

Specialization "Logistics activity" (bachelor's degree)

Specialization "Logistics and Supply Chain Management" (Master's degree)

  • ensuring the effective functioning of the procurement, transport, warehouse system, distribution and supply at the enterprise, inventory management;
  • organization of the system of integrated management of logistics activities of the enterprise;
  • carrying out forwarding operations and cargo transportation services;
  • management of logistics systems of the enterprise using information technologies.

Specialization "Trading Business" (bachelor's degree)

Specialization "Retailing and Distribution" (master's degree)

  • opening and effective management of the activities of their own trade business;
  • development and implementation of a strategy for the development of business entities in the field of retailing and distribution;
  • development of analytical reports and proposals, search for reserves for improving the efficiency of business process management in the field of riitelling and distribution.

Specialization "Commodity Science and Organization of Foreign Trade" (bachelor's and master's degree)

  • organization and management of foreign trade operations at the enterprise;
  • evaluation of efficiency and development of a strategy for managing foreign economic activity of the enterprise; commodity valuation of export and import goods;
  • solving specific practical tasks for the organization of foreign trade in the enterprise.

Specialization "Commodity Science and Commercial Logistics" (bachelor's and master's degree)

  • formation of assortment and logistics channels of delivery, identification and expertise of goods;
  • development of logistics concepts and management of the logistics system;
  • organization of effective forms and methods of the logistics supply chain;
  • introduction of schemes for collecting and processing statistical information on commercial logistics.

Specialization "Customs Affears" (bachelor's and master's degree)

(English or Ukrainian-language master's program of entrant's choice!!!)

  • customs control and customs clearance of goods, customs procedures in accordance with international standards;
  • control over the accrual of customs duties, combating smuggling and customs offenses;
  • identification and examination of goods for customs purposes.

Specialization "Category management in retail (Sat Management)" (bachelor's and master's degree)

  • monitoring of the commodity market, formation of the range of retail enterprises;
  • structuring of goods by category in order to increase the profitability of trade activities;
  • assessment of the quality of goods and the formation of the optimal range of the trade network;
  • analysis of sales and profitability of product categories.

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