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Deepening cooperation with the Federation «Exchanges France-Ukraine»

General Information

February 22, 2017 French delegation of Sylvain Rigollet, Attaché for University and Scientific Cooperation, Embassy of the French Republic in Ukraine, Jacques Forgeron, Co-president of the Federation «Exchanges France-Ukraine» and Christina Forgeron, an employee of the Federation, visited Kyiv National University Of Trade And Economics.

During the visit an additional agreement to the international cooperation treaty between Kyiv national university of trade and economics and Federation «Exchanges France-Ukraine» was signed.

Representatives of French delegation had an informative talk with Anatolii Mazaraki, Rector of KNUTE, Valerii Sai, Vice-Rector on Scientific-Pedagogical Work and International Relations and Tetiana Dupliak, Director of European Education Center. As a result the trends of deepen cooperation between the University and the Federation were determined. It is related to students’ participation in exchange programmes and teaching of French economic programmes by tutors volunteers from France in spring 2017.

Representatives of French delegation presented the programmes of different trainings and conditions for students of European Education Center. Sylvain Rigollet, the representative of the Embassy of French Republic in Ukraine, gave a speech at the beginning of presentation. He put an emphasis on the importance of French language study, the opportunities of study in French HEIs and further usage of foreign language in professional activity.

After the presentation representatives of the Federation interviewed and selected the students of KNUTE for training in France, 2017. As the result five students who study French language in European Education Center were selected. We wish them inspiration and success in further development of professional competences. 

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