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Department of Trade Business and Logistics started its activity in 2009. Today, The Trade Business and Logistics Department offers a robust Bachelor programs “Wholesale and retail trade” and “Logistics activities” (Specialty “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Exchange Activity”). At the graduate level we offer Master’s program in Wholesale and retail organizing.

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Specialization «Wholesale and retail trade»
(day studies)
Bachelor Assistant of the head of company; trading representative; trading agent; section manager; trading inspector; supply (sales) manager; commercial broker; commercial trader, salesman, merchandiser; specialist in commodity market research; trade marketing manager, product manager, commodity specialist, sale consultant, procurement manager, commodity inspector, dealer, commercial agent, product quality inspector, supply agent, merchant    Organizing of basic and auxiliary processes of trading activity; ensuring of resources rational using in trading organization; application of information technologies and systems for professional tasks solving of the trading organization management; substantiating of the trading organization development strategy; evaluating of trading activity efficiency
Specialization «Wholesale and retail organizing»
(day studies and part-time form studying)
Master  Director of the enterprise (department), regional and divisional director, branch manager, country director, department manager, head of retail business, sales manager, procurement manager, regional development manager, logistics manager, marketing manager, wholesale manager, retail manager, food and non-food retail manager, administrative manager, head of sale (marketing)  department, company efficiency consultant,  head of department (central government),  head of department (local authorities)   Ensuring of resources rational using in wholesale and retail; application of information technologies and systems for professional tasks solving of the trading organization management and logistics activities; substantiating of the trading organization development strategy; evaluating of trading activity efficiency; business process management in wholesale and retail

Specialization «Logistics activities»
(day studies)

Bachelor   Road transport dispatcher, international transportation dispatcher, transportation service dispatcher, merchant, supply (sales) manager, freight  forwarder, on duty of the transport expeditor enterprise, supply agent, dispatcher of the finished products delivery, officer (supply),  officer (warehousing), orders receiver, officer (cargo transportation), information operator for goods arrivals, information operator for freight shipping, operator of transport documents processing, passenger and cargo service operator, forwarding cars operator   Investigation of logistics processes in enterprise activities; application of information communication technologies for logistics activities organizing and enterprise competitive advantages providing in the contemporary commodity market and the logistics services market; solving of operational and tactic problems in the field of economic, commercial and logistics providing of business; evaluating of environment factors influence on enterprise logistics system functioning; identifying of casual relationships of logistics processes and trends in the fields of economics

There are 12 lecturers at the department: 3 - doctors of economic science, professors; 8 – candidates of economic science, associate professors; 1 – candidates of technical science, associate professors.

Our strength is our strong commitment to an open and inclusive intellectual atmosphere. The Trade Business and Logistics Department lecturers have a considerable practical and scientific work experience, which enables them to effectively provide lecture, practical and other types of lessons from 21 disciplines, among which the leading place is occupied by: Trade business, Organizing of trade, Logistics, Logistics management, Sales management and merchandizing, Trading objects design, Transport-forwarding activities, Organizing of multimodal transportation, Business process management in trade, Supply chain management, Logistics systems design, Optimizing of logistics solutions, Information technologies and systems in logistics, etc. Furthermore, leading lecturers mentor and guide the graduate students in preparation and presentation of their qualification works (projects).

In their work on training specialists, we are guided by world standards, are actively working on improving the educational process, enriching its content in accordance with contemporary requirements, introducing innovative technologies and teaching methods; create conditions for comprehensive training of specialists, obtaining modern knowledge. We also work closely with the business community through our Executive Education team by providing training and professional development opportunities. The Department concluded agreements on cooperation with such leading domestic enterprises as:

The Department provides the educational process at the university with methodological developments with the disciplines attached to it, namely: syllabus and curriculums, compendiums, situational tasks, case studies, other types of practical classes, etc. Much of the discipline is provided by author's textbooks and tutorials.

The Department has got an appropriate material and technical base – computers of the new generation, equipment for visual support of lectures and practical classes, which provides the modern level of educational process and organizing of students’ research. The lecturers of the Department actively implement the leading information technologies and computer programs in the educational process: TMS "Ant-logistics", UIS WMS, ScetchUp 3D, ERwin Process Modeller, AnyLogic etc.

Lecturers of the Department constantly undertake internship in the leading institutions of higher education of the EU countries, namely: Suceava University named after. Stefan cel Mare (Suceava, Romania), May 2018, Higher School of Socio-Economic Development in Przeworsk (Poland, Przeworsk) February 2018, Université Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble, France) May 2018, etc. Lecturers of the Department take part in the teaching of disciplines in English speaking programs.

Lecturers of the Department together with the students carry out scientific work: research, take part in scientific forums, conferences, roundtable discussions pertaining to relevant logistics development issues, trade business in Ukraine, supervise the postgraduate students. Results of research are regularly highlighted in monographs, textbooks, scientific papers, and international scientific and practical conferences theses.  

Head of the Department - doctor of economic science, professor Nataliia Ilchenko.

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