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Visit of Representative of Embassy of Canada and Delegation of Algonquin College (Canada)

General Information

February, 11th, 2019  Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics was visited the representative of Embassy of Canada in Ukraine – Liliana Zhylina, Trade Commissioner, Education and Agriculture, and delegation of Algonquin College – Imad Al-Sukkari, Manager, Partnerships and Programs, MENA, Central Asia and Ukraine, and Melis Balkan, Regional Representative, Marketing and International Recruitment.

The guests had chance to be introduced in detail with scientific and technical potential of University, in particular, the study base for specialists in Hotel and Restaurant Business, conditions and methotodoly of studying of foreign languages, and also possibilities for conducting culture and art, and sports events.

After excursion there were negotiations with the Vice Rector of Scientific Work and International Cooperation – Valerii Sai, during wich the issues of scientific and education cooperation were discussed, also forming of double diploma program and distance education.

In priority for further partner relations were development of common study  programs and semester student exchange by specialty "Hospitality" and "Tourism", and also short-term programs of postgraduate education.

In strategic perspective educational institutions had agreed cooperation in organization of  internships and programs of professional development.

Also the sides agreed about paying efforts for seeking and participation in programs of financing common scientific and education events, in particular, using potential of new program of the government of Canada in financing support of innovation projects, directed for improving opportunities for women and the most vulnerable strata of population for  overcoming gender, social and economic  inequality.

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