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KNUTE Graduate Oleksii Novikov Has Become the Strongest Man on the Planet!

General Information

On March 13, World’s Ultimate Strongman - Strength Island International Athletics Competition took place.

In total, there were five trials: Oleksii was first in two of them and showed high results in the other three. As a result, he scored 68 points, being 10 points ahead of Jean-Francois Caron from Canada. Therefore Oleksii Novikov confirmed his previously won title.

On November 15, 2020, according to the results of the World Strongest Man-2020 international competitions in weightlifting, Oleksii Novikov was recognized to be the strongest man on the planet. On the first day, he set a world record by lifting a barbell weighing 537.5 kg. Being only 24 years old, Oleksii became the youngest athlete in the world, winning this title.

Congratulations on the victory! We are proud of your achievements and contributions to Ukrainian and world sports. We are convinced that hard work, courage and resilience are the key to great victory. We wish you good health, firmness and good luck!

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