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Maurice Chenevoy, Honorary Doctor of KNUTE (2002)

General Information

Director of Professionalized Institute of Management of the University of Auvergne- Clermont-1 (France)
Honorary Doctor of KNUTE (2002)

Chenevoy Maurice Jean was born in 1946 in Clermont-Ferrand, a Frenchman, has higher education - in 1967 graduated from the Law and Political Sciences of the University of Auvergne-Clermont-1, received diplomas: in law (1967), state law (1971), political science (1975). In 1977 he received the doctor of sciences degree for the thesis on "Intermediaries in the distribution of budget loans and investments". 

Chenevoy Maurice Jean began his career in 1970 as an assistant at Technological University of Auvergne-Clermont-1. From 1980 to 1986 - he was a senior lecturer, the head of "Corporate and administrative institutions governance" department of the same institute. From 1986 to 1992 - Professor of University of Auvergne-Clermont-1, since 1992 has worked on the position of a director of Professionalized Institute of Management and University of Auvergne-Clermont-1 while performing the functions of vice-president of the University of International Relations (until 2000). 

Along with basic research and teaching responsibilities Chenevoy M.J. used to perform various professional and public duties, in particular he was in charge of training at the Faculty of Law and Political Science (Paris, 1977-1979), at the Institute of Technology (Clermont-Ferrand, 1980-1982), at the Institute of general management training (Clermont-Ferrand, 1981-1993). He was the chairman of the general meeting of the Heads of Departments, the member of the National Pedagogical Committee, of the Administrative Council of the Heads of Departments, the coordinator of technological education areas of the University of Auvergne-Clermont-1, since 2000 he is a member of the National Consultative Commission of professionalized university institutes (France). 

Chenevoy M.J. - is a recognized scholar in law and political science. He is the author of such work as "Leaders of public institutions, "The use of the procedure of calling for the observance of regulations in the National Assembly of the Republic V", "Regulation of the Constitutional Council of 17.07.1978 on the sanctions in case of attacks on the monopoly of radio and television", "Budgetary support of exporters", "Banking and Credit System in Auvergne and contribute to scientific research", "Loans", "Permissions (authorization) of programs and others.

Chenevoy M.J. was the initiator of the establishment and development of KNUTE cooperation with the University of Auvergne-Clermont-1, in particular, of the 1998 long-term agreement on cooperation between universities. 

In 2000 Chenevoy M.J. initiated to establish the French-Ukrainian Institute of Management, where students, studying on parallel education basis, receive managerial education and get diploma of the government of France. This institute has received public recognition, became attractive to young people. Its offices are opened in Vinnitsa, Kharkiv and Chernivtsi. Over the years, the Institute has trained 252 professional managers, who were presented with the certificates of different qualification levels and are currently working successfully in France and in other countries. 

Noting the significant contribution to reforming and improving higher education, promoting KNUTE development and its integration into the European educational community, in January 2002 the KNUTE Academic Council conferred the title "Honorary Doctor of KNUTE" to Maurice Chenevoy, the Dr. of Sciences, the Director of Professionalized Institute of Management and University of Auvergne-Claremont-1 (France). 

It should be noted that in 2008 under the initiative of Chenevoy M.J. the University launched the joint project on training managers of small and medium enterprises (master's program), obtaining a double degree and training in administrative management in the region, municipal management. The project on organization of joint scientific supervision of theses of young scientists who will study on the 3 rd cycle (in graduate school) has been prepared. 

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