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Ryszard Borowiecki, Honorary Doctor of KNUTE (2008)

General Information

Rector of Cracow University of Economics (Poland), professor,
recognized scholar in the field of modern economic science

Honorary Doctor of KNUTE (2008)

Ryszard Borowiecki was born on 07.01.1943 in the city of Zvolen, a Pole. Ryszard Borowiecki has higher education - in 1966 he defended his dissertation in Higher Economic School in Krakow and attended the courses for junior researchers, and in a year he worked as an assistant at the Department of Economics of the industrial enterprise. In 1976 he received a degree of candidate of sciences (in Economics), in 1989 - a doctor degree. The next year Ryszard Borowiecki was elected as the head of the Department of Economics and Industrial businesses, and in 1991 - as the director of the Institute of Industrial Economics. Since 1992, and till now Ryszard Borowiecki is the Head of the Department of Economics and businesses. By the resolution of the President of the Republic of Poland on January 24, 1997 he was awarded the title of professor of economics and by the resolution of Minister of Education in 1999 - the title of professor. 

Ryszard Borowiecki was twice elected as the rector of Krakow University of Economics (2002, 2005).

The scientific achievement of Professor R. Borowiecki is significant and even unique: about 600 items, including 70 books (author, co-author, scientific editor), more than 200 scientific articles and papers published in Poland and abroad, and 25 books, dozens of unpublished research papers, projects and examinations. 

Scientific, educational and organizational activities of Professor R. Borowiecki enjoyed public recognition and the highest respect. He was the Chairman of the Board of Krakow Branch of the Scientific Society of Organization and Management (1989-1998), then - the Chairman of the Main Board of the Society (1998-2005). Ryszard Borowiecki is the founder of Programmatic Research Society Real Estate Council, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Council of the European Institute of government and public administration. He takes an active part in the activities of scientific societies at the Presidium of PAS. Taking into account the achievements as a scientist, R. Borowiecki was elected a member of the Committee of Organization and Management Sciences and of the Polish Academy of Sciences (1996-1999) and a member of the Presidium (1999-2003), then, since 2003 - a Deputy Chairman of the Committee. Professor R. Borowiecki was also elected to the Committee for Economic Sciences of PAS. Ryszard Borowiecki was elected to the Committee of Scientific Research (1999-2002), to Accreditation Commission for Higher Professional Training in Poland (1998-2001) and a corresponding member of the European Academy of Science, Art and Literature in Paris (2002), Honorary Doctor (Nonoris causa) of the University of Messina (Italy). 

R. Borowiecki takes an active part in programmatic boards and editorial committees. 

Scientific, didactic and educational, organizational and social work of the professor, doctor of economic sciences R. Borowiecki is widely recognized and marked by many honors and awards. Among them: the Officer Cross and the Cross of Cavalry Order of Rebirth of Poland, Golden and Bronze Crosses of Merit, the Medal of Narodowa Education Commission, Golden and Silver Medal "For Country Defense", the Golden award of Polish teachers communications, the award of "Merit for AC Statistics", the Medal in the name of Karol Adametskyi, golden honorary awards of scientific societies: Scientific Society of Organization and Management, Polish Economic Society and the Society of Accountants in Poland, and the awards of Krakow, Tarnow, Radomyl, Krosno, Sanok. 

R. Borowiecki's significant contribution to the development of cooperation with KNTEU is to initiate and to direct involvement in undertaking cooperation in the triangle KNUTE-KEU University of Messina (Italy) in 2002. 

When R. Borowiecki was at the head of Krakow University of Economics the exchange between KNUTE and KEU, academics and students was intensified. The first joint publication of the fundamental scientific work "Transformation processes in Poland and Ukraine" was issued.

The great contribution of R. Borowiecki in the development of education and science was awarded in 2006 with the medal named after Petro Mohyla. In 2007 he was elected to the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine in "Management". The Scientific Council of KNUTE in November 29, 2007 conferred the title of "Honorary Doctor of KNUTE" to R. Borowiecki, identifying significant personal contribution to the reform and improvement of higher education, promoting KNUTE and its integration into the European educational community.

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