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The purpose of the Department of Banking is to provide high quality educational services for the training of future professionals in the financial system.



Nataliia P. Shulha, Doctor of Economics, Professor

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The Department has provided educational services in banking, accounting and auditing in banks, marketing in banks and management of foreign economic activity in banks. Forecasting the development of the financial services market, and hence the need for competitive specialists, the department initiated the training of specialists in financial intermediation.

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      The teaching staff consists of 19 people including:    

2 – Doctors of Sciences, professors;

12 – PhD; 4 – Senior Lecturers.

      Bachelor Degree Programmes:                                                                                                           

Finance, Banking and Insurance

  • Banking
  • Financial Intermediation

       Master Degree Programmes

Finance, Banking and Insurance

  • Banking Business Management
  • Financial Intermediation

If you are creative and ambitious, you dream of working in a rapidly developing field based on powerful state-of-the-art technologies - banking is for you! The profession of "banker" is always prestigious and multifaceted! It gives you the opportunity to keep your hand on the "pulse" of the financial market and make a terrific career not only in the bank, but also in various financial institutions. If this is the future you see for yourself - we are waiting for you at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting - the most prestigious economic university in the country.

Financial intermediary is a profession of the future, specialists of which can be employed in banks, mutual investment institutions, stock exchanges, credit unions, brokerage and dealer companies, private pension funds, pawnshops and other financial institutions! No sector of the economy can function without the services of financial intermediaries, the number and diversity of which is growing day by day. You can master modern financial instruments and become confident in the future by studying at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.

The Department of Banking of KNTEU invites you to study for the educational qualification degree "Junior Bachelor"!

The degree of junior bachelor provides an opportunity to gain professional skills in the specialty 072 "Finance, Banking and Insurance" in the initial (short) cycle of higher education.

A junior bachelor's degree is an educational-professional degree obtained at the level of professional higher education and awarded by an educational institution as a result of successful completion of an educational-professional program by an applicant for professional higher education.


State Budget (Department) Scientific Research Subjects

- Banking Risk Management in the Age of Financial Globalization - 0114U000314

The programme involves development of Ukrainian banking risk management concept within the framework of Basel Accords. I quarter 2013 – IV quarter 2017 (Scientific Research Supervisor – Nataliia P. Shulha, Doctor of Economics, Professor)

- Monetary and Finance Intermediation Efficiency - 0114U000312

- Scientific substantiation, development of methodological approaches and practical guidelines of monetary and finance intermediation efficiency improvement. I quarter 2013 – IV quarter 2017 (Scientific Research Supervisor – Nataliia M. Sushko, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor)

- Scientific Research Subjects Financed from State General and Special Budget Funds- Financial Services Market Regulation within the Framework of Global Financial Architecture – No 624/200115 U 0005712201040. I quarter 2015 – IV quarter 2016 (Scientific Research Supervisor – Nataliia P. Shulha, Doctor of Economics, Professor)

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