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Department of Economics and Competition Policy
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I am pleased to welcome you on the page of the Department of Economics and Competition Policy. Our Department is one of the basic departments of the University. For more than 30 years it provides the fundamental economic-theoretical training of students at all faculties and specialties of KNUTE. Professional human resources Department has been recognized not only within the University but within the country. The Department is known among specialists in their textbooks and scientific-methodological developments in the disciplines, "Economic theory", "Macroeconomics", "Microeconomics", "Government regulation of the economy", and others.

Department trains specialists in the sphere of economic competition protection. With the Department for the training of specialists in "Management in the sphere of economic competition of the" fruitful cooperation of the heads and leading experts of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and its subdivisions. 

The pride of our department is that for the first time in Ukraine began training in the area of competition policy (major "Management in the sphere of economic competition"). The Department provides training in modern curricula, where the complex theoretical and majors contains more than 20 titles, including: economic theory, macroeconomics, microeconomics, antitrust activities, etc.

Head of the Department - Dr. Econ. Sciences, Professor D. Lagutin

Educational level “Bachelor” and “Master”

Specialty 073 “Management" specialization "Management in the sphere of economic competition”

Main subjects: competitiveness of the national economy, the legal responsibility in the field of entrepreneurship, competition policy, state control in the sphere of economic competition protection against unfair competition, international competition, control of monopoly pricing, etc.

Key areas of future activities of students are:

  •  investigation of specific product markets; 
  •  search for optimal management decisions in the sphere of economic competition.
  • processing of statistical data; work with service programs;
  • processing and analysis of planning and economic indicators of activity of enterprises, institutions, organizations;
  • development of strategic and tactical plans of the enterprise, institution, organization;
  • implementation of management activities; the organization's business processes;
  • implementation of crisis management at the micro and mAcrown;
  • carrying out a systematic analysis of the competitive environment;
  • conduct examinations to identify violations of legislation on protection of economic competition;
  • consumer protection;


A Sphere of professional activity of graduates are the master of planning / analytical, organizational, research and educational activities in middle and senior management levels in the bodies of state authorities (Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine) and local authorities; the middle and upper levels of management at enterprises of various forms of ownership and organizational-legal forms. Graduates can work as: analyst, consultant management, state inspector, is an expert on financial work, lecturer, economist, senior and chief specialist of management in the sphere of economic competition, leading specialist of the Department of research and investigation, research fellow.

More information on the specializations can be viewed in the Information package: “management in the sphere of economic competition” an educational degree “bachelor”“management in the sphere of economic competition” an educational degree «master».

Educational degree “Bachelor”

Specialty 051 “Economics" specialization "Industrial Economics”

Main focus of the educational program and specialization. the Acquisition of theoretical knowledge, mastering skills and technologies economic analysis at the sectoral level, the formation of effective competitive strategies of individual economic subjects.

Features. in-Depth study of the system of the organization of commodity and industrial markets, strategies of market players. Orientation to the requirements of customers personnel in the face of enterprises and sectoral bodies of state power. Attracting well-known specialists in the field of industry policy to the educational process.

Employment. Jobs at the enterprises of various sectors of the economy, in the system of bodies of state power, especially in the sectoral ministries and departments. Position: market analyst; inspector; economist; economic Advisor; economic analyst; consultant on economic issues; the economist at work; economist for planning of industrial production; specialist in budget planning; expert on pricing; head of planning and economic Department; head of the enterprise; expert in strategic planning; consultant on efiktivnost business.

More information on the specializations can be viewed in the Information package: “Industrial Economics” an educational degree “bachelor”.

At the Department operates postgraduate and doctoral studies, are constantly working scientific student circles.

Educational process is provided by 15 lecturers, including: 5 professors, 9 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer. 100% of teaching staff have scientific degrees of doctors and candidates of Sciences.

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