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Mission of the Department: The mission of the department is formation of psychologists with high level of professional competence, well-educated, creative personalities with independent thinking and with high standards of moral, psychologists, who can contribute to further development of an open and democratic society.

The education at the chair of psychology is provided by the professionals, who permanently improve their pedagogical skills and the methods of teaching. Currently at the chair are working three professors with the Dr. of Sciences degree (Dr.habil.) or 22% of the whole stuff and the number of the associate professors with the PhD-degree (78% of the whole stuff).

The Department of Psychology (Head of the Department - Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor M.S. Korolchuk) carries out training of specialists in the specialty «Psychology»:

Educational degree

Positions that can be occupied

Functional responsibilities

                                                               Speciality “PSYCHOLOGY”
                                                                       (full-time and part-time education)


Full time and  

Part time education with shortened period of study (2,5 years)

“MASTER” Full time and distant education 

Practical psychologist in educational and research institutions, in assessment centres, coaching companies, practical psychologist in organisation and commercial company.  

Psychologist at HR-department, psychologist in pedagogical institutions and in social service; psychologist supervising company’s social and corporate responsibility; head of HR-department; professional in consulting and couching, psychologist in advertisement company; psychologist or head of psychological service in the special state institutes.

  • Psychological diagnostics and correction;
  • Psychological expertise and consultation;
  • Education;
  • Scientific research.

There are three kinds of specialization:

Psychologist-researcher. His work is devoted to examination of the psychological theories, experimental studies, and other research activities.

Practical psychologist. His work is devoted to the practical applications of the professional psychological knowledge and skills. Practical psychologists usually have specialisation accordingly to their sphere of work, namely in child psychology, family psychology, as crisis-psychologist, business-trainer or sport-psychologist.

Teacher of Psychology. Their work is devoted to the education in psychology and to teaching of psychology as academic discipline. But they are also able to work as researchers and as practical psychologists.

Implementation of psychological knowledge and technologies in trade; psychologist specialised in professional diagnostics, for tasks of organisational psychology and for personal correctional work, for psychological, social research at the marketing departments, work at the HR-departments.

Possibilities for further education.

A holder of a Master-degree in psychology has a possibility of earning a further degree – PhD in psychology. The department provides such education within specialization in organisational and economic psychology.

The research activities of the chair are devoted to the interrelation of society and personality; separately one studies the actual problems of organisational and economic psychology, psychology of communication, psychology of small groups, mass-psychology, psychology of leadership, method of psychological support for work in special conditions.

    The research activities of individual members of the chair are:
- psychology of inter-individual communication, psychology of understanding, psychology of conflict; 
- work psychology, professional orientation and assessment;
- psychology of creative work, psychology of giftedness, psychological readiness to innovative activities and psychological trainings;
- political psychology, ethno-psychology, psychology of crisis;
- psychology of human resources, organisational behaviour, applied ethics, psychology of advertising and PR.

    The scientific activities of the chair are run in the following directions:
- basic and applied studies;
- participation at the international and Ukrainian conferences and seminars;
- organisation of the conferences, seminars, work-shops and trainings;
- supervising the research activities of the PhD-students and young researchers;
- publication of the research papers;
- implementation of the research outcomes in education.
    Educational activities of the chair:
    The chair provides education in psychology for future psychologists and also for the students of other specialities.
    at The chair provides graduation in speciality – “Psychology”.
     The stuff of the chair provides the following courses.
    For the Master-degree students (full time and distant education):
- psychology of motivation
- security psychology 
- pedagogical psychology
- work psychology  
- sexology 
- crisis-psychology 
- methodology and organisation of scientific research
- psychology of high education
- methods of teaching in high school
- socio-cultural development of men
- organisational psychology 
- psychology of leadership
- business psychology (in trade)
- perinatal psychology
- psychological technologies of innovative management
- psychology of adaptation
    For the Bachelor-degree students (full time):
- general psychology
- deferential psychology
- experimental psychology
- anatomy and physiology of the CNS 
-  demography
- developmental and educational psychology
- comparative psychology
- professional assessment
- practical psychology
- conflictology
- social psychology
- psychodiagnostics
- clinical psychology
- pathopsychology
- economic psychology
- political psychology
- psychological support of professionals in trade
    Election courses: 
- management
- ethnopsychology in entrepreneurial activity
- psychiatry and neurology
- psychological consulting in the companies
- psychological technologies of personal assessment and selection
- psychological service
- psychological development of leadership 
- psychology of personality development

- psychology of personality crisis along life span

    The students accomplish also educational and research praxis at the G.S.Kostyuk-Institute of Psychology and at the Institute of social and political psychology of the NAPS of Ukraine.
    There are at the chair the PhD-studies with specialisation in organisational and economic psychology. The PhD-students are supervised by the professors of the chair. There is also a special scientific commission for defence of the dissertations for PhD-degree.
    The chair holds active collaboration with other research centres in Ukraine and abroad: the G.S.Kostyuk-Institute of Psychology of the NAPS of Ukraine, namely with the laboratory of cognitive psychology, with the Institute of social and political psychology of the NAPS of Ukraine, Institute of sociology of the NAS of Ukraine, with the National university of civil defence of Ukraine, with the Institute of state governing in civil defence of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn national university, Mykolaiv state pedagogical university, Mukachevo humanitarian university, European union of traumatic stress psychologists (the Netherlands) and some others.


Korolchuk Mykola Stepanovich - Head of the chair of Psychology, Dr. Sc., professor, Member of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, head of the council (К 26. 055.04) for defense of dissertations (PhD) at the Kyiv National University for Trade and Economics, member of Expert council of the State Attestation Commission, member of the Council on Science and Methodology by the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine, member of European Association of Sciences on Security, member of editorial board of three scientific collections of articles.

Author of more than 170 scientific publications, including 2 monographs, 2 handbooks and 7 textbooks recommended by the Ministry of sciences and education of Ukraine.

Life credo: “Per aspera ad astra …”

Bachelor, Master and PhD Degree Programmes

Social and Behavioural Studies



  • Psychological Support of Professional Training and Activity of Trade, Banking and Entrepreneurial Areas Workers;
  • Problems of Professional Stress, Health, Adaptation, Activity Psychophysiology;
  • Professional Selection, Conflictology, Psychology, Management Psychology.

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