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The mission of the department
s the formation of a harmoniously developed personality, highly skilled
competitive expert, who is able to make well-grounded decisions and bear
responsibility for the organization activitie

The Department of Management (Head of the Department - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor S. Bay) carries out training of specialists in the following specializations of the specialty «Management»:

Educational degree Positions that can occupy Functional responsibility
Educational Program «Management»
for the preparation of applicants for higher education undergraduate
(full-time and part-time education, Ukrainian)
«Junior Bachelor» Inspector for control over the execution of orders; production preparation technician; labor technician; supply agent; sales agent; sales representative; trade inspector; administrative assistant; merchant (business and advertising services); assistant head of the enterprise (institution, organization); assistant head of production department; specialist in the organization of consumer services Management of ancillary business processes in enterprises of different forms of ownership and different legal forms, including research and implementation of technology systems, construction of organizational management structures, application of practical skills in management and marketing, economic analysis, information systems and management technologies, business organization, etc.
Educational Program «HR-management»
(full-time education, Ukrainian)
«Bachelor» Personnel (HR) inspector; personnel (HR) auditor; professional employment analyst; staff organizer; HR consultant; expert in labor market analysis; specialist in hiring; interviewer; specialist in solving collective labor disputes (conflicts); employment specialist (headhunter); specialist in vocational guidance process Organization of personnel (staff) work of the enterprise and HR department work; use of information technologies and systems for professional problems solving; diagnostics of personnel potential of the enterprise; substantiation of the personnel policy of the enterprise; assessment of organizational dynamics and team formation processes
Educational Program «HR-management»
(full-time and part-time education, Ukrainian)
«Master» Personnel (staff) manager, HR; social manager, social and corporate responsibility manager; Personnel director, Head of the HR department; Head (Chief) of the labor and wages department; Head of the personnel training department; Head of the social development department; Head of the qualification improvement or training courses; personnel and civil service specialist; labor rationing engineer (specialist) Development of an effective personnel policy in the organization; ensuring a compliance with the principles of social partnership, introduction of effective changes in the personnel (HR) management system; substantiation of the strategy of socially responsible behavior of the enterprise; evaluation of the personnel (HR)  management system effectiveness of the organization
Educational Program «Trade Management»
(full-time education, Ukrainian)
«Bachelor» Assistant of the head (director) of the enterprise (institution, organization); trade representative; trade agent; section manager; trade inspector; supply organizer (on sale); trading broker; commercial trader, salesman, merchant, merchandiser; specialist-analyst in commodity market research, marketing manager, product manager, specialist in methods for market expanding; specialist-analyst on commodity market. Organization of the basic and auxiliary processes in trade activity; ensuring a rational use of all kinds of resources in trade organizations; use of information technologies and systems for the professional tasks solutions in the trade organizations management; justification of the development strategy of trade organizations, evaluation of the trade activities effectiveness
Educational Program «Trade Management»
(full-time education, Ukrainian, English)
«Master» Commercial director; director (head) of small trade company; store manager; manager in wholesale trade; manager in retail nonfood goods; manager in retail non-domestic and nonfood products; manager in retail trade; manager in transport vehicles trade; sourcing manager; sales manager; manager concerning business activities and management; head of commercial department; business development director of distributive network; director of retail entity; storekeeper; sales manager; director of supplies; transport officer. Optimal model development of management in trade organizations; formation of alternative development directions of trade organizations; implementation of innovative management technologies of trade process, crisis diagnosis in the activities of trade organizations; justification of programs to improve the quality of trade processes and strategy of the balanced development of trade organizations.
Educational Program «Business Management»
(full-time and part-time education, Ukrainian)
«Bachelor» Assistant of the head (director) of the small company without a management unit; assistant of the head (director) of the enterprise (institution, organization); assistant of the head of another main department; brand manager; client manager (with a tender); specialist in project and program management in the field of material (non-material) production; specialist in corporate governance; trader (business services and advertising); specialist in infocommunications Organization of the basic and auxiliary processes in the businesses of all spheres of activity and organizational-legal forms; ensuring a rational use of resources; use of information technologies and systems for the professional managerial tasks solutions; substantiation of the development strategy of the organizations; assessment of the  organizations effectiveness and businesses effectiveness in general.
Educational Program «Business Management»
(full-time and part-time education, Ukrainian, English)
«Master» General manager; director (head) of a small trade company; logistics director (on transport); operations director; market research manager; department manager; administrative activity manager; consulting services manager; regional development manager; public relations manager; social and corporate responsibility manager;  communication technologies manager; cafe (bar, dining room) manager; quality systems manager; Chief (Head) of the unit; Head of the department; Head of the branch; body corporate management specialists; specialist in the entrepreneurship efficiency; specialist in quality. Formation of an optimal business management model; formation of an alternative directions of strategic business development; introduction of innovative technologies in business management, diagnostics of crisis phenomena in the organizations activity; substantiation of programs for improving the quality of business processes and balanced business development strategies.
Educational Program «Industrial Management»
(full-time and part-time education, Ukrainian)
«Bachelor» Director of the enterprise, deputy director of the enterprise, chief engineer; director (manager) of a small industrial enterprise (firm); brigade leader; (research, design organization); head of the department (research, design, project, etc.); manager of projects and programs in the field of material production; head of the shop, production site and other departments; production rationalization consultant; specialist in business efficiency and production rationalization Formation of the optimal model of combining human potential with the production system in order to create socially useful quality and safe products, organizing the main and auxiliary processes of the production system, creating and managing industrial infrastructure, material resources and inventories, ensuring rational management of resources and production costs. technologies and systems for solving complex specialized tasks and practical problems of management in industry, development and implementation of innovative technologies; managing the effectiveness of development programs, managing the efficiency of production activities and entrepreneurship and rationalization of production

Educational Program «Business Administration»
(full-time and part-time (evening and external forms)

«Master» General manager (department or unit level); director (head) of a small firm; commercial director, operations director; market research manager, public opinion research manager; administrative activity manager; regional development manager; social and corporate responsibility manager; communication technologies manager; supply manager; sales manager; retail and wholesale trade managers; commercial and business manager; Head of the commercial department, Head (chief) of the unit; Head of branch; body corporate management specialists; specialist in the entrepreneurship efficiency; specialist in quality. Conducting an analytical and research work and monitoring of organizations business processes with the use of appropriate scientific and methodological tools; providing an effective management system and preservation of intellectual property in the organization; cooperation with state and public institutions; ability to work in international teams and be changes adaptionable; use modern methods of activity diagnostics and expertise; solve corporate conflicts, develop and implement the financial policy of an enterprise, form an investments portfolio and create a business processes at a trade enterprise; study international markets, European integration processes and cooperation prospects with foreign partners on a basis of cross-cultural interaction; apply cost management mechanisms and develop anti-crisis programs for their development; initiate, develop, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the investment and innovation projects and creative development programs implementation; use effective mechanisms for change managing on the basis of a comprehensive system analysis of their activities.

The Department of Management began its activity in 1989 as the Department of Trade Management, which subsequently (in 1993) received a new name - the Department of Management.

The teaching staff of the Department of Management is composed of highly educated specialists with the scientific degrees of the Candidates and Doctors of sciences (PhD), with considerable practical and scientific work experience, which enables them to effectively manage the scientific work of students, to carry out a significant amount of teaching and methodological work, etc. In their work on training, the academics of the Department are guided by world standards, are actively working on enriching the content of educational disciplines, introducing innovative technologies, providing students with a basis of economic and professional training; harmonization of the educational process, which allows future specialists to form a broad worldview, to receive grounded knowledge of professionally oriented disciplines and mastered the chosen profession..

Students’ educational process is based on modern curriculums. The priority for the Department is the comprehensive development of professional and personal culture of specialists, high level of teaching of managerial disciplines, complete comprehensive provision of educational process by scientific and methodological materials. The profiling professionally oriented disciplines «Theory of Organization», «Management», «Operational Management», «Human Resources Management», «Strategic Management», «Innovation Management», «Transfer of Technologies», «Project Management», «Cross-cultural Management» are authors’ scientific and methodological developments.

Graduates of KNTEU can continue their postgraduate and doctoral studies. A comprehensive approach to the quality of education process ensures the high competitiveness of our graduates in the labor market and the proper starting conditions for their professional career growth.

In the process of managers training modern teaching technologies are used, in particular: problem lectures with video conference or video support; viewing educational films with a teacher's commentaries; solution of analytical-settlement tasks and situational exercises (case-study method) (including the use of computer programs); computer simulation exercises; business games; videotraining from various managerial disciplines; educational excursions and out-of-the-university practical lessons at modern enterprises; performance of the exercises using the technology of "basket-method"; testing to assess the level of professional skills and abilities of the students

Great attention to the quality of the managers training ensures the gradual entry into the European educational space, the conditions of which are formulated in the Bologna Declaration:

- quality control of education; 
- expansion of students mobility (it's students possibility to obtain education consistently in several different universities, enriching the experience of life in various socio-cultural environments);
- employment of graduates. 

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