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Feedback from employers and graduates

Center of Career Development

Reviews employers on cooperation with CDC.

PJSC "Premier Palace"

    the company's Cooperation with the Center for career development KNTEU started quite long ago. Employees of the Department of personnel of the company have participated in various activities of the Center aimed at the successful employment of graduates, in particular, presentations, round tables, job fairs, etc. As a result today the company employs many former graduates of KNTEU.

LLC "Epicentre-K"

    Colleagues - Directors of departments of the company were highly appreciated by the professional training of graduates of KNTEU and ability to work in team, approvingly responded about discipline of young specialists-pupils of KNTEU, which the company has quite a lot. Such achievements should thank the many years of cooperation with CDC KNTEU, who has repeatedly recommended that a lot of University graduates to work in the company.

METRO cash & carry Ukraine

    Professional training of students is carried out at a high level. Graduates of KNTEU constitute a large compete with graduates of other UNIVERSITIES, so the company cooperates with the Center for career development KNTEU, which organizes meetings with students-graduates, that provides the opportunity of choosing the best professionals.


    Among the strengths of the graduates of KNTEU, who work in the company "SAVSERVICE", it can be noted: 
- high professional training; 
- the desire to grow and develop; 
- good communication skills; 
- the activity. 
So every year the specialists of the personnel Department of the company to join all events organised by the CDC KNTEU: round tables, presentations, fairs of vacancies. All these measures are aimed at successful employment and convergence of employers and graduates.

international audit company "Ernst and young"

    I Want to note the good preparation of accounting and auditing, which consistently deliver graduates of KNTEU. Fruitful cooperation with CDC KNTEU annually makes it possible to replenish the company's staff are the best graduates of KNTEU. During the years of cooperation have a good tradition of the first testing conducted on the territory of the University. This helps graduates to overcome the barrier between them and specialists of HR-Department.

LLC "Fozzy"

    Graduates of KNTEU in dealing with colleagues, polite and to the decision of tasks are creatively. Careful, tactful, have the skills of business communication. Good faith towards work, purposeful. And a big role in this was played by cooperation Department of the staff development and CDC KNTEU. On the invitation CDC trainers of the Department have repeatedly conducted seminars and trainings among graduates, seeing each potential employees.

Concern "МЕRX"

    Around 10 years, the company collaborates with the Center for career development KNTEU. Specialists in personnel selection of the company attached to all the events organised by the CDC as a result - we have the best graduates of KNTEU.

Reviews graduates

    I completed training at the KNTEU a few years ago. And now the time has come when the doors of the adult world. The first step he has employment. 
to Me this step helped make the career development Center. Thanks to him, I received a prestigious job, where I work so far.
    I would like to Express gratitude to the career Center and its employees, which provide real assistance in employment of graduates.
    Graduate ФФБС
    Bayonet Marina

    In 2009, I completed training at the KNTEU.
    Not every student, studying in the UNIVERSITY, thinks about the future. However, there comes a time when the issue of the further employment rises before each. When this problem touched me, I already knew about the career development Center. He helped me get my first job, which gave a strong impetus for my future career. I am very pleased that KNTEU have such a unit, which provides start a successful career of graduates of the University.
    Graduate ФФБС
    Sweet Yuri

    I recently completed training at the KNTEU.
    First of all, I want to thank the staff of career development Center , who helped me with finding a job. I got a real help, not just promises.
    in Respect of the preparation of the KNTEU want to note that high level training on information technologies. Also satisfied with teaching English, managed not only to maintain but also increase the level obtained from school.
    I would like to note that the existence of the career development Center is the actual assistance to students and graduates of KNTEU get a job, and most importantly - the opportunity for self-actualization and be useful to society!
    Graduate ТЗФ
    Klishta Olesya

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