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PhD  studies at Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics have been available since 1966.
Today the PhD  studies training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff is carried out in the following scientific fields:

The training is based on the state order and at the expense of legal entities and individuals on the terms of the contract. People with higher education, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree are admitted to the PhD  studies on a competitive basis.

Off-job training period does not exceed three years, and on-job training – four years. 

Each PhD  student is appointed a supervisor by the corresponding order of the Rector; as a rule this a Doctor of Sciences, or by the decision of the University Academic Council, a Candidate of Sciences.

The supervisor carries out the academic advising of the thesis, monitors the implementation of the individual plan and is solely responsible for the quality of the thesis. Thesis subject and individual work plan of the PhD  student are approved by the University Academic Council of the faculty no later than three months after his admission to the PhD  studies.

An individual work plan of the PhD  students envisages qualifying exams in specialty, foreign language and philosophy, and, if necessary, additional examination, defined by the Specialized Academic Council of the institution where the thesis, and credits in the disciplines defined will be defended. It also anticipates the publication of no less than 3 articles on the topic of the thesis in specialized publications before the last certification, participation in scientific and practical conferences, participation in research projects with a state registration number, teaching practice.

The PhD  student works on an individual work plan, twice a year (April, October) he reports at the Department meeting and is annually (October) certified by the supervisor. 

The certification results allow the student to be moved up to the next year of study, or dismissed from the PhD  studies by the appropriate order of Rector.

PhD  students who have the on-job training and successfully carry out the individual work plan are offered an extra paid annual leave of 30 calendar days to pass candidate examinations and work on the thesis. At their request, they also may take one free working day per week paid equally to 50 percent of the average wage of the employee within four years of training. 

PhD  students have the right to:

  1. use educational, industrial, scientific, cultural, and recreational facilities of the University;
  2. get all kinds of open scientific information and scientific advice;
  3. participate in the scientific activities of the Department;
  4. receive state scholarships in case of the off-job training by the state order;
  5. interrupt the study for valid reasons with its further undertaking; 
  6. annual vacation for up to two calendar months, which are included in the total training period in case of the off-job training;
  7. work part-time in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine;
  8. safe and healthy learning and labour conditions;
  9. accommodation for the single - in case of having the off-job training by the state order; 
  10. further employment in accordance with the agreement in case of enrollment under the state order or contract (in case of training outside the state order).

PhD  students must:

  1. comply with the law, moral and ethical standards;
  2. acquire deep knowledge, practical and professional skills, raise their general cultural level;
  3. master the methodology of scientific research;
  4. perform an individual work plan on the thesis; 
  5. report on the implementation of the thesis at meetings of the Department and University Academic Council of the faculty;
  6. defend a thesis or present it to the Specialized Academic Council in determined time;
  7. adhere to the Charter and internal Regulations of KNUTE.

Mutual responsibility of the PhD  student and the University are defined in the agreement, which is signed within 10 days after admission to the PhD  studies. 

A PhD  student may be expelled from the doctoral studies for gross violation of the internal regulations of the University, for unlawful acts, as well as for failure to comply with an individual work plan without any good reasons.

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