Department Commodity Science and Pharmacy
Department Commodity Science and Pharmacy
Department Commodity Science and Pharmacy


Researches of the Department

Commodity Science and Pharmacy

Research of the Department of Commodity Science, Safety and Quality Management is aimed at studying the consumption properties of food products, developing new products with predicted quality and safety indices.

The priority areas of research are:

  • development of systematic approaches to food products safety and quality management;
  • development of food products of physiological and functional purpose;
  • improvement of goods identification and expertise methods.

Research schools under the supervision of the Department professors Natallia Prytulska, Svitlana Belinska, Olena Sydorenko are functioning at the department.

The Department professors are members of specialized scientific boards considering and holding Doctoral and Postdoctoral theses defense at the State University of Trade and Economics, Lviv University of Trade and Economics.

A State Budget Research project “Quality and Safety Management of Food and Raw Materials” covers 8 directions:

  • safety and quality management of processed fruit, vegetables and mushrooms;
  • safety and quality management of special and dietary products based on dairy, fruit and berry raw materials;
  • safety and quality of products with hydrobiont powders;
  • safety and quality management of functional foods;
  • study of the resource potential and the consumption value of vegetable raw materials;
  • development of new paper packaging materials for food;
  • improvement of goods research methods.

In order to solve global food safety problems, the Department is cooperating with the International Institute for Food Safety and Quality.

Every year, the academic staff and PhD students of the department participate in a number of conferences, organize and participate in seminars, round-table discussions, press conferences, and give numerous interviews to the media.

Scientists of the Department systematically present their achievements at the symposia and conferences of the International Society of Commodity Science and Technology (IGWT).

Supervised by the Department academic staff, students carry out researches, the results of which are presented annually at the International Scientific and Practical Student Conference “Entrepreneurship, Trade and Marketing: Current Situation, Challenges, Prospects” and published in the Collection of Research Papers of SUTE Students.

The Departments encourages activity of the All-Ukrainian Movement “Youth for Consumer Rights”. Its main idea is to involve students into studying consumer goods safety and quality; consolidate efforts of organizations and institutions involved in the consumer movement; make consumer voice stronger and more influential.

Within the framework of the Consumer Festival, which is held annually in March, students hold Blitz-Info, masterclasses, trainings, workshops in schools of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

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