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Department of Restaurant and Craft Technologies
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The Department of restaurant and craft technologies plans, organizes and carries out its research according to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine «On Education», «On Higher Education», «On scientific and scientific and technical activity»; it is an integral component of the educational process and its scientific basis. The planning and organizing of scientific work are developed considering the personal scientific interests of the academic staff of the Department, university needs and business requirements.

The academic staff of the Department focus on studying the key issues related to provision of Ukraine’s population with high-quality food products that have increased nutritional and biological value. This involves developing scientifically based technologies for the production of high-quality food products and resource-saving technologies for special purpose food products.

Due to the challenges сaused by war, economic recovery, and post-war reconstruction in Ukraine, the academic staff of the Department have identified key research areas:

• Development of product technologies for school-aged children with special nutritional needs.

• Innovative product technologies for military personnel with special nutritional needs.

Two scientific projects have been submitted for the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine in 2023.

The grant committee of Juho Vainio (Helsinki) has given a positive decision to finance a joint Finnish-Ukrainian project in 2023. The project's group includeі the Head of the Department, Prof. D.V. Fedorova, and the topic focuses on «Study of children's food-related behavior disorder under conditions of stress caused by the war in Ukraine».

An application for an international project competition under the Erasmus + Jean Monnet program (2023) has been prepared on the topic «Implementation of European principles and experience in organizing the healthy children's nutrition».

The academic staff of the Department conduct research, which contributes to the development of educational and methodological resources for compulsory courses, prepare scientific articles and monographs, PhD students write dissertations.

The research topics are:

• «Technologies of food products for health and special dietary purposes» (2023-2026)

• «Resource-saving technologies of special purpose food products» (2019 - 2022)

• «Innovative technologies of special purpose food products» (2019 - 2022)

• «Technology of dairy products with regulable carbohydrate composition» (2021 - 2024)

• «Development of innovative flour and flour-confectionery technologies for specialized restaurants» (2021)

• «Technology of structured culinary products and flour confectionery products of increased nutritional value» (2015 - 2019)

• «Development of products and rations for the nutrition of military personnel in extreme conditions and during fight operations away from supply bases» (2016 - 2017)

• «Technologies of restaurant products with increased nutritional value» (2015 - 2016)

Foreign (international) internship

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