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The student`s scientific club "Course for Export "

of International Management

The student`s scientific club

"Course for Export "
has been working at the International Management Department since 2021.

At the graduating department, the work of the scientific club "Course for Export" (Club) has been intensified. The main task of the Club is to participate in the training of a new galaxy of specialists who are able to freely navigate in the modern foreign economic environment.

The main facts and features of the Club's work:

• Orientation to the modern needs of the foreign economic sphere;

• Organization of practical training of students on the basis of business simulation (virtual enterprise);

• Development of personal and professional skills;

• Leadership and effective teamwork;

• Real cases from corporate partners;

• Workshops and trainings from business practitioners and company executives;

The main research problems of the Student Club are: the managerial aspect of foreign economic activity of enterprises, the problems of organizing international operations in a pandemic, full-scale war.

Meetings of the scientific club are devoted to preparation for scientific events, discussion of the problems of realities of subjects of foreign economic activity. Within the framework of the Scientific Club, students have the opportunity to expand their professional skills in export activities. Practitioners of leading domestic exporting companies in the leading sectors of the economy are involved in the work of the Club. The course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students; employees of companies whose duties are related to the organization of exports; entrepreneurs who are starting or planning export activities as a promising area of business development.

It is planned to organize a meeting of the scientific club in the direction of "Intercultural Business and Business Ethics" using business cases of stakeholders, entrepreneurs in international management sphere. This will contribute to the development of students' social skills such as: rhetoric, teamwork, creativity and negotiation. As future managers, students gain practical skills in value-oriented business management, corporate control and public relations, risk management in international activities.

The mentor of the club is – Serova Lyudmila.

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