Department of International Management
Department of International Management
Department of International Management


Specialization "Management of foreign economic activity" (master's degree)

of International Management

master's degree program (specialization)

"Management of foreign economic activity"

Educational and professional program

  The management of foreign economic activity is an elite direction of professional employment that ensures an increase in the competitiveness of an individual, business objects, and the country through the establishment of effective international communications.

Our students acquire knowledge and skills in managing foreign economic activities of companies, study the regulatory environment of international economic relations and modern methods and approaches of international marketing, and risk management, and acquire knowledge about brand-oriented development of the national economy through the management of the brand system at all levels, which ensures an increase in the competitiveness and efficiency of individual business entities, territories and the country as a whole, as well as the universality of the professional application of acquired knowledge and skills in various areas.

  The master's program "Management of foreign economic activity" is a strategic opportunity for Ukrainian students to combine modern education in the best world traditions with the development of personal practical skills of modern management, to realize the potential and transform the economy of Ukraine, to turn the country into a rich, prosperous and happy one!

We train highly qualified managers who have knowledge of modern concepts of managing business processes in the foreign economic space!

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