Department of International Management
Department of International Management
Department of International Management

Specialization "International Management" (bachelor's degree)

of International Management

Are you ambitious and full of energy?

Ready for new victories and achievements?

Do you surround yourself with interesting people and promising opportunities?

Then you will definitely like our Leadership Program -

"International Management"!

Educational and professional program


Our new bachelor's educational program (specialization) "International Management" forms a global intellectual climate - international academic mobility in the educational space and is aimed at training a new generation of managers who can face the global challenges of a changing economy and society thanks to the use of best management practices for new types of companies.

The "International Management" undergraduate educational program is an intensive educational program that corresponds to the most modern trends in business education and is aimed at forming a deep understanding of the main concepts of international management.

We train highly qualified managers for fast-growing domestic and international companies, as well as researchers of modern international management with analytical, leadership, and cross-cultural skills and a global entrepreneurial instinct.

Students acquire skills for conducting business in the modern international economic environment, acquire analytical competencies for planning and forecasting the company's activities, budgeting, performance management, strategic development of supply chain management and finance, as well as powerful soft skills of teamwork in international corporations.

Our graduates hold positions in domestic and international companies: development director, project manager, business process consultant (including mergers and acquisitions), etc. Graduates of the program are focused on continuing their studies at leading Ukrainian and foreign universities and business schools.

  Our graduates can become managers in multinational corporations or realize their own entrepreneurial ambitions and ideas in international business!

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