Department of International Management
Department of International Management
Department of International Management


Postgraduate studies

of International Management

The uniqueness of the educational and scientific program of the specialty 292 "International Economic Relations" of our University is to ensure a significant contribution to the country's economy recovery and development under the conditions of geopolitical conflicts through the involvement of applicants in modern research, creative author's programs, national and international mobility, in particular within the framework of cooperation with higher education institutions of France, Great Britain, Poland, Germany and other member countries of the Erasmus+ Program.

Postgraduate students are given a unique opportunity to form and develop scientific competences in an environment that includes communities of domestic and foreign scientists-practitioners who comprehensively implement the functions of generating and disseminating the latest scientific knowledge and ideas in society, as well as training young scientists.

Research activity has a complex, interdisciplinary nature and is carried out in the following directions: international strategies of regional and global leadership, global economic integration and national interests, competitiveness in the technological paradigm 5.0, imperatives of the agricultural sector development in the global trade system, global transformations of international and regional markets, etc.

You can pre-discuss the topic of the future dissertation research with the guarantor of the PhD program "International Economic Relations" Tetiana Melnyk t.melnyk@knute.edu.ua and a potential supervisor – a lecturer of our department, according to the area of ​​common scientific interests.

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