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- involvement of practitioners in the educational process, during 2023-2024 (January-April) there were guest lectures, online discussions, webinars with: Lantmannen concern operations director Olena Piskun on the topic "Cross-cultural management. Ukraine-world" (April 2023); by the junior personnel manager (talent development) of the personnel management department, Sofia Stanislavska, on the topic "Career opportunities in the international company "British American Tobacco" (October 2023); by the deputy head of the customs post "Zakhidny" - the head of the customs clearance department 1 of the Kyiv customs office Oleg Pakhomov on the topic "Customs authorities of Ukraine" (November 2023); by Mykhailo Lavrenchuk, a graduate of OP, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs of LLC "Gazsurf" on the topic "Foreign economic activity of the enterprise in the field of import of industrial equipment" (March 2024); coach-consultant on entering the foreign market, creator of educational programs for entrepreneurs, managing partner of the consulting agency Export Solutions, co-founder of the Vilni project, graduate of OP Anastasia Bytko on the topic "How do entrepreneurs start exporting and where are you in this system?" (February 2023), "Basics of exporting goods and what is expected from managers of foreign economic activity" (April 2024);
- the possibility for applicants to undergo internships abroad and complete final qualification papers based on the materials of foreign companies: "Cubic Verein" (Austria, Innsbruck) in 2023, Voltica service (Poland, Wroclaw), Škoda Auto a.s. (Czech Republic, Mlada Boleslav) in 2024;
- permanent development of the guarantor and members of the OP support group (Programs "Creating export Academy in Ukraine" 01.08.-15.12.2022. and "Service export Ukraine" 04.10.2021-31.08.2022, developed by the Institute of Marketing (Estonia) in cooperation with the State University " Office for the Development of Entrepreneurship and Export", development of language competence "French at the Intermédiaire level" in 2022 at the Center of European Education), active participation in business events (Business Forum "Doing business in Ukraine: challenges and opportunities" (June 2023 ), II International Export Forum: From the Recovery of Ukraine to Global Economic Prosperity (October 2023), the Sixth National Forum "Development of SMEs 2023: Opportunities, Sustainability and Recovery" (December 2023).

Online seminar "Organization of export-import operations under martial law"

On April 29-May 7, 2024, on the basis of the Department of International Management of the State University of Trade and Economics, a scientific online seminar "Organization of export-import operations under martial law" was held on April 24-29, 2023 for scientists, doctoral students, graduate students, students and business representatives.

The purpose of the scientific online seminar is to form students/learners of a set of knowledge on objective laws, conditions, processes and specific features of the organization of export-import operations under martial law, as well as to acquire skills in their practical use. Attention is focused on:

- essence of foreign trade operations and principles of their implementation, features of export-import operations under martial law conditions;

- the essence of the principles, norms and rules of customs and tariff regulation;

- basic procedures of state customs control in Ukraine; determining the impact of the customs tariff on producers and consumers and the theoretical and organizational foundations of customs affairs;

- features of the movement of goods across the customs border of Ukraine, the procedure for calculating and collecting tax payments that arise when moving goods across the customs border of Ukraine;

- the procedure for customs clearance of goods in modern conditions.

The program of the scientific online seminar was as follows:

04/29/2024. Foreign economic activity: the essence and peculiarities of implementation in the conditions of martial law. Customs system of Ukraine.

30.04.2024. Customs payments as a tool for customs regulation of the country's foreign exchange. Commodity nomenclature in customs affairs.

05/01/2024. The impact of non-tariff regulation on the enterprise's foreign exchange. Tools of trade protection.

05/02/2024. Customs and invoice value of goods: methods of their determination. Characteristics of the system of customs regimes.

05/03/2024. The role of expertise in conducting customs control. Organization of customs control.

05/04/2024. Classification of goods during export-import operations. Illegal movement of objects across the customs border.

05/06/2024. Transport support for export-import operations. Classification of supporting documents for foreign trade operations

05/07/2024. Determination of the country of origin of goods for the purpose of further customs taxation. Customs regulation of foreign trade in foreign countries

During the discussion, participants and listeners noted the scientific and practical orientation of the online seminar and its relevance in modern conditions.

Lecture by Ihor Oleksandrovych Babyar, a stakeholder of the "International Management" 

On April 6, 2024, on the basis of the Department of International Management, as part of the week of the Faculty of International Trade and Law, a lecture was held by the stakeholder of the EP "International Management"  Babyar Ihor Oleksandrovych, the commercial director of LLC "KLS Ukraine", which discussed the features of logistics support for foreign trade operations in modern conditions. Modern logistics systems of Ukrainian companies and the realities of today's transport and logistics companies were discussed, students and teachers asked many questions to the lecturer-practitioner, which emphasizes the relevance of this topic and the need for further meetings with our guest.