Київський національний торговельно-економічний університет
Київський національний торговельно-економічний університет
Київський національний торговельно-економічний університет

International economics_Master


What we propose

Strong career opportunities and good competitiveness on the job market

Improve your knowledge of English and master technical terms of international economics

Practical training at: leading Ukrainian enterprises, branches of transnational corporations and public authorities, non-governmental organizations

Balanced combination of in-class work and self-guided work on the basis of problem-oriented and interactive studying methods by using modern educational technologies

Modern classrooms and IT-laboratories

Highly qualified scientific and teaching staff with practical experience

What you will learn to do

Apply new methods of carrying out and managing projects

Use scientific, analytical, methodical tools for managing international economic activity

Use modern information technologies and mathematical methods for the study of international economic processes

Develop and substantiate effective strategies for international economic activity

Use practical tools for administering international business operations

Use regulatory and legal acts for  international economic activity maintenance

Solve complex tasks in the field of  international economic activity

What job you will be able to get

Manager of international trade/finance

Chief economist

Director of economic department

Economic adviser/counsultant


Supervisory board/ board of directors member

Commercial agent and trade broker

Where you would be able to work

In public authorities and institutions of various business profiles

In economic/financial/trade/marketing departments of multinational companies

In commercial and central banks

In local companies which carry out international economic activity

In higher education institutions and research centers

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